[ANN] QjackCtl 0.2.19 released!

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[ANN] QjackCtl 0.2.19 released!

Rui Nuno Capela

QjackCtl 0.2.19 has been released.

The Qt(cutie)-based GUI control panel for the JACK Audio Connection Kit
service has come of age. You can grab it right away from the "official"
home site:


Release notes as taken straight from the change-log:

- Connections widget views are now properly refreshed after renaming
client/ports (aliases).

- Disabled system tray and ALSA sequencer support on configure time,
whenever building for MacOSX as default.

- Fixed the major issues with selecting an audio interface on Mac OSX;
the button the right of the interface combo is now much better looking
than it was before; input/output channel counts are also updated
automatically now (thanks to Jesse Chappell for the patch).

- Prevent the setting of the coreaudio device id on the jackd command
line (-n) whenever the default interface is being selected.

- The connections and patchbay windows are now allowed to have a wider
connection lines frame panel; splitter width sizes are now persistent
across application sessions (thanks to Filipe Tomás for the hint).

- Activation toggling feedback on the patchbay widget has been fixed;
additionally and as found convenient, the most recently used patchbay
definitions can now be loaded immediately by selecting from a drop-down
list widget, which replaces the old static patchbay name status text,
and adds a lil'icon too :)

- All widget captions changed to include proper application title prefix.

- Attempt to bring those aging autoconf templates to date; sample SPEC
file for RPM build is now being included and generated at configure time.

- The current selected device is now shown with a checkmark on the
device selection menu(s), while on the settings dialog.

- Set to use QApplication::setMainWidget() instead of registering the
traditional lastWindowClosed() signal to quit() slot, just to let the
-geometry command line argument have some effect on X11.

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela
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