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[ANN] jack_convolve-0.0.13/libconvolve-0.0.6

Florian Paul Schmidt-2


this is a new release of jack_convolve/libconvolve, the simple
commandline based, convolution engine for JACK.

New features are

- LASH support:

have jack_convolve be restored with the exact same commandline
parameters when you restore your LASH session. Comment out two lines in
the makefile if you don't have LASH installed.

- Pseudo multichannel support (--pseudo-multi):

This creates an input port for each responsefile channel, instead of
only one input per response. While technically i.e. a stereo response
file is a response of a mono impulse recorded with stereo equipment it
many cases it might still sound good to convolve i.e. a stereo sum's
left and right channel with the left and right channel of a response
file individually :) And what sounds good is The Right Thing To Do.

- Output mixing now optional (--mix-outputs):

previously all outputs from the same channel number of different
responses (if multiple responses were loaded) have been mixed together
to save on some IFFT's. This is now optional. You can load several
responses with varying channel counts, if your heart desires. Note that
in mix-outputs mode all response files still need to have the same
channel count.

libconvolve had to be changed somewhat for these features, thus the
upgrade. Note that dssi_convolve will not link against this libconvolve.
I consider dssi_convolve broken atm anyways (still missing gui, etc).
Will take another while to get that fixed up.

Grab them at:


Bug reports welcome, especially with odd combinations of response files
with different channel counts :)


Palimm Palimm!

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