[ANN] jpmidi-0.1 - a simple Jack-based midi file player/sequencer.

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[ANN] jpmidi-0.1 - a simple Jack-based midi file player/sequencer.


This is the first release of jpmidi - a simple jack-based midi
file player/sequencer.  
It loads a standard midi file and schedules
events in sync with the Jack transport
using the Jack transport and midiport APIs.


* Command shell style interface.
* Connect/disconnect the jpmidi port to other midi ports.
* Start/stop the jack transport
* Set transport position (by frame number only).
* Solo, mute and unmute channels
* Enable/disable sending of Sysex messages
* Playback is sample accurate and seamlessly follows the transport


* Playback only, no support for complicated stuff like recording or editing.
* Internal timing only (based on the midi file's tempo map and Jack's
   frame rate).  No support for BBT in the transport position.
* No capability to be the transport master (might be added later).

Web page:  http://www.geocities.com/kellinwood/jpmidi/index.html

Download:  http://www.geocities.com/kellinwood/jpmidi/jpmidi-src-0.1.tar.gz

Ken Ellinwood

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