App crash in libjack64.dll when opening driver via portaudio/ASIO

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App crash in libjack64.dll when opening driver via portaudio/ASIO

Evan Balster
Hey, all —

This is sort of a cross-post from the portaudio mailing list.  I just put out a 64-bit version of my app and I've gotten a number of reports about a start-up crash affecting users who run JackRouter on Windows.

PortAudio seems to die as soon as it encounters the Jack server, with a crash originating in libjack64.dll:

Exception thrown at 0x0000000069A2F26B (libjack64.dll) in imitone.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0xFFFFFFFFA2C96623.

The crash occurs during COM instantiation, as the ASIO SDK is calling into CoCreateInstance -> CoGetClassObject -> DoGetClassObject, from my application's perspective.  I haven't managed to trace it any further than that.

The crash occurs whether or not the JACK server is running, so it makes portaudio64/ASIO pretty much unusable.  Other non-PortAudio apps don't seem to have trouble.  I would be happy to help debug the issue, as it looks like it may be out of my power to fix this application-side.  (I'm a PortAudio contributor, though, so I have some ability to dig around inside the lib.)

Evan Balster
creator of imitone