Can't get oddcast to work with jack and ALSA jack plugin

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Can't get oddcast to work with jack and ALSA jack plugin

bob (Bugzilla)-6
I have compiled jack 0.100.0 and installed jack plugin for ALSA. I use
xine engine to play sound through jack (and it works i hear the music).
jack_lsp returns this :


However trying to feed oddcastv3 for jack don't work. I tell oddcast to
use alsaP.12366.4:out_000 alsaP.12366.4:out_001 as input and i get this
error :
cannot connect input port oddcastv3:in_1 to alsaP.12366.4:out_000

jackd returns this error :
unknown source port in attempted connection [alsaP.12366.4:out_000]

I can't understand where the problem comes from.

Thanks in advance for you help


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