Considering JamRouter, a low-jitter MIDI bridge for all Jack versions

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Re: Considering JamRouter, a low-jitter MIDI bridge for all Jack versions

Ralf Mardorf
Btw. jackd at least works perfect within the Linux environment, when
not using external gear. I could write about a serious issue when using
audiobus 2 audio sync to MIDI on my iPAD. I didn't test audiobus 3 and
I unlikely will do, instead I switched to AUM and Inter-App audio. I
guess the best bet on all platforms is to go with an all in one DAW and
to use MIDI plugins instead of external MIDI gear. On no platform
virtual MIDI synth could compare to the real oldish once, but at least
on my iPAD they come close enough to decide against e.g. the real
Oberheim and instead use the virtual Oberheim. Unfortunately we don't
have that choice on Linux. My current experiment is to use the iPAD and
it's virtual synth (sometimes by using samples of my real synth, too ;)
and then to export/import to Ardour. I even can't stand Hexter compared
to my first generation metal case DX7 ;). However, we always should
distinguish between the fun and sound orgasm when playing a real synth
and what is really needed for a mix. In the end mix a virtual synth
usually could replace the original synth, just when playing them live
the virtual usually sound like crap compared to the originals.
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