Dolby surround decoder plugin?

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Dolby surround decoder plugin?

Ed Wildgoose-2
Hi, for various reasons I use a PC as a hometheatre box with Jack + some
audio filtering involving Brutefir providing digital crossovers, etc.

It would be somewhat useful to be able to connect up the audio spdif to
external equipment (like I was thinking of buying a Playstation...) and
be able to get surround audio into the PC where it would normally then
be routed via my usual crossover filters directly to the output.

Does anyone know if such a plugin has already been written? ie filter
which listens to (spdif) input and decodes whatever it sees to arbitrary
(Jack) output?  It seems that it might not be too hard to write such a
filter since the various libraries to do the decoding are already
written (including DTS), but I'm not sure how you actually scan an spdif
signal and decide what the current format is?  Any references anywhere?


Ed W

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