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Is this possible?

I have written a live mixer using juce and have used it quite a bit.  I would like to use jack like a digital snake.

My thought was to use a banana pro (or any fruity derivative op a pi) as a netjack master with usb audio interface.  I currently have focusrite scarlette 19i20 connected to the banana.  Then using 1000base-t to a window/linux FOH to mix down and return the mixes to the banana.  The scarlette-banana would act as the stage box.  

If this can be done, additional things I would like to do are:
1 - allow an internal sound card on the FOH system for head phone monitoring.
2 - use bananas or or raspberries or oranges as slaves at the amps for main or monitors.
3 - use fruit as personal monitor mixers using the headphone jacks for output. (this maybe could use and android app for if the android do wired audio. (my understanding is that wifi would have too much latency).

Is this possible?
Is it reasonable?

I have been tying to get jack to work with the pi.  It is preinstalled on the rasbian release for banana as qjackctl is in the menus on initial boot.

I have very experience really with audio on unix/linux, only windows (no jack).  But my mixer ap is jack enabled because it is built on juce.  

I cannot seem to get my scarlette to work on a banana or raspberry.  I did test my mixer with jack and kxstudio about a year ago, but not networked.  Thought there is lots of documentation, it is difficult to find what is needed to get this setup to work.  So, any pointers on this specific kind of setup would really help