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[Jack-Devel] FFADO 2.4.0 released

Jonathan Woithe-2
FFADO version 2.4.0 is now available, a package of userspace drivers for
firewire audio interfaces.  As for version 2.3.0, this version contains
mostly incremental improvements and bug fixes.  There are no significant new
features in this version compared to the last, but users are encouraged to
upgrade to pick up the improvements.

This is a source-only release which can be downloaded from the ffado.org
website at


or via the direct link:


Notable changes include:

 * Numerous build system and code improvements to support architectures such
   as MIPS, x32 and various PowerPC flavours.

 * A large number of fixes for newer versions of gcc (particularly versions
   6 and 7).

 * Initial support for the optional TCO module of the RME Fireface-800.

 * Expanded ffado-mixer support for the Phase88 device.

 * Initial work to make ffado-mixer compatible with python3/pyqt5.

 * Start work towards compatibility with scons3.

Thanks go out to the developers and users who contributed code and
information which went into this release: Plamen Aleksandrov, Daniel
Cavalli, Xavier Forestier, Thorsten Glaser, Adrian Knoth, Dominik Meister,
Andras Muranyi, Orcan Ogetbil, "Olivier", Nils Philippsen, Takashi Sakamoto,
Shalok Shalom, Stefan Richter, Roland Stigge, "Vince" and Jonathan Woithe.
Apologies if there or errors or omissions - please contact us via the FFADO
mailing list and we'll be happy to make corrections.
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