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[Jack-Devel] JAudioLibs' AudioServer API and JNAJack

Neil C Smith-2
Hi All,

I've written up a blog post on some recent changes to the JAudioLibs'
AudioServer API [1].  This is a Java callback audio API loosely
inspired by PortAudio, and the recommended approach for adding JACK
support to a Java application with JNAJack.  The AudioServer API makes
it easy to switch between JACK support and JavaSound support without
requiring code changes.

The recent code additions provide for better runtime service discovery
and optional extension features.  For example, it is now possible to
more easily control JACK connections, server autostart and client ID,
as well as for the first time directly access the JackClient if
necessary.  More info in the blog post.

The source code on GitHub [2] is now up-to-date for testing, though a
new binary download is not yet available.

Other changes include fixes to JNAJack to build against JNA 3.5+
(binary downloads already work), and minor improvements to the
JavaSound server performance, particularly on Linux (ALSA /

Comments and feedback welcomed.

Thanks and best wishes,


[1] http://praxisintermedia.wordpress.com/2013/11/06/jaudiolibs-audioservers-a-portaudio-esque-java-api/
[2] https://github.com/jaudiolibs/

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