[Jack-Devel] Problems with Jackdmp / jack router and an external TV display

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[Jack-Devel] Problems with Jackdmp / jack router and an external TV display

I'm having issues using Jack2/Jackdmp with an aggregate device that contains my internal speakers, the speakers on an HDMI tv display, and my headset.

Using MIDI Audio Setup, i have everything set to 48,000.

The big problem:
1. Every time I start up Jack, I'm told that the audio settings are changed.
2. Every time the TV is turned on, Jack router complains, and jackdmp quits.
(2b: Diagnostic info: Turning off the TV does not move windows from the TV onto the main display. Turning it on, however, causes several flashes and moves all the windows onto the main display.)
3. I never see anything other than 48,00 actually in use.

If I knew what things were being changed to, I could use that.
My USB headset (speaker + microphone) only does 48000.

Secondary problems:
1. Most applications work just fine. Even if I cannot control the routing of all applications, the default is to use channels 1 and 2 -- which happens to be the internal speakers.
2. Unfortunately, there is no way to control that -- and this includes things like "It's 5:15" from the system clock, or "Alert from TextEdit:" when an application puts up a panel.
3. Equally, some programs -- most notable browser plug-ins -- will NOT make any audio until explicitly routed. And are silent if they started before jack and cannot be routed.
4. And finally, if I turn off the TV, then a lot of applications stop making any sounds, and the sound actually "backs up" -- if I switch the system audio (using Audio MIDI setup) to the internal speakers, I will hear messages from the last clock time announcement, as well as things backlogged from "say" commands.

4 seems to be all applications except those explicitly routed to the internal speakers.

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