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I have been working on a mixer project using Juce, and wish to network the audio using Jack.  Simple application would be like a digital snake with the eventual implantation of personal mixes.  Running this on unix I can use alsa2jack or zita-a2j.  But the audioadapter and netadapter is not part of the windows install package.  So I was going to attempt building it myself.


According to the readme on github,  to build with Microsoft compiler requires vc6.  I have serveral versions of visual studio but non that old.

The readme also says you can build with gcc, and mingw with sjlj is required but it appears that is it is no longer available with sljl (never used gcc on windws so this is new to me).


Is there a current “how to” for building jack for windows?  And/Or is there a location I could download the audioadapter and netadapter for the current jack2 version?




Mark Winger

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