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[Jack-Devel] netjack in STM32?

Gersa mail
I ask forgiveness in advance for the poor knowledge of English.

I would like to ask a few questions about Jack and NetJack.

1. How would you react to trying to port Jack and Netjack to hardware (like the Dante network), what could be the subtleties and inconveniences of porting? At the moment, I'm starting to study the Jack code, in the future I will try to port to STM32.

2. I understand that at the moment you can only use one master device on the network, in both cases will arise out of sync because of the spread of timing generators. If I manage to solve this problem in hardware, is it possible to use several master devices(at the same frequency)?

P.S. the STM32 will also implement a fully digital amplifier and audio capture with 32-bit accuracy, an additional convolver in the embedded DSP. Or a microphone with an Ethernet interface or WiFi (I know wifi is very bad because of the big delay)

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