[Jack-Devel] qjackctl shows more ports than jack_lsp

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[Jack-Devel] qjackctl shows more ports than jack_lsp

Klaus Gy
Hi, I'd like to use Jack on a minimal Arch Linux install without X / Wayland but I faced the problem that my USB MIDI controller doesn't show up in the jack_lsp output.  I tried to install jack and qjackctl on a Fedora 25 install and while under qjackctl everything works fine, the USB MIDI controller is listed in the ALSA tab and I can connect it to any other Jack client, it still doesn't show up under jack_lsp.  I try to avoid a2jmidid for keeping things simple, and because I read that it's not necessary under Jack1 anymore, wich is the version I want to work with anyway.  Is this problem known to anyone or is it something peculiar to my setup?

Thanks, fweth

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