Jack sync & Ardour + Rosegarden + Hydrogen = unusable Loop.

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Jack sync & Ardour + Rosegarden + Hydrogen = unusable Loop.

Hello !

I have a big problem with "Jack Sync". When I synchronise this 3 soft
(or 2 or just 1) with Jack, it is impossible to work on a loop. Arriving
to the end of the loop, and at the beginning of the loop, the cursor
freeze, refuse to continue his work. The only thing I can do is to
ignore the Jack Sync : in this way, I can listen to and work on my loop,
but I loose the biggest interest of a sequencer with many soft !

I read a new (the end of 2004) that Jack and Ardour was anew
synchronised perfectly, but it's not perfect on my computer. As a small

Informations : I compiled Ardour 0.99, Hydrogen 0.9.2, Rosegarden 1.0 on
a Mandriva 2005 with mm kernel. Jack & Qjackctl are rpm packages.

Thanks for your answers ! I like your softwares :)


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