Jackdmp 0.63 package for Linux, OSX and Windows

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Jackdmp 0.63 package for Linux, OSX and Windows

Stéphane Letz
Version 0.63:

- Correct back JackAlsaDriver::Read method.
- Dmitry Baikov patch for JackGraphManager.cpp.
- Merge JackGraphManager Remove and Release method in a unique  
Release method.
- Dmitry Baikov jackmp-time patch: add jack_get_time,  
jack_time_to_frames, jack_frames_to_time.
- Add missing -D__SMP__in OSX project.
- Add new jack_port_set_alias, jack_port_unset_alias and  
jack_port_get_aliases API.
- Steven Chamberlain patch to fix jack_port_by_id export.
- Steven Chamberlain patch to fix jack_port_type.
- Test for jack_port_type behaviour in jack_test.cpp tool.
- Add jack_set_client_registration_callback API.
- Add "callback exiting" and "jack_frame_time" tests in jack_test.

Available at http://www.grame.fr/~letz/jackdmp.html


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