Jackdmp 0.65 package for Linux, OSX and Windows

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Jackdmp 0.65 package for Linux, OSX and Windows

Stéphane Letz
Version 0.65:

- Fix backend port alias management (renaming in system:xxx).
- Fix a bug in JackLibClient::Open introduced when adding automatic  
client renaming.
- Fix a bug in jack_test.
- Correct JackShmMem destructor.
- Correct end case in JackClient::Execute.
- Correct JackMachSemaphore::Disconnect.
- Implement server temporary (-T) mode.
- Make "Rename" a method of JackPort class, call it from driver  
Attach method.
- Server/library protocol checking implementation.

Available at http://www.grame.fr/~letz/jackdmp.html


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