Jackdmp 0.68 package for Linux, OSX and Windows

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Jackdmp 0.68 package for Linux, OSX and Windows

Stéphane Letz
Version 0.68, MIDI added, has the same API of the latest published  
jackd 0.103.0 version:

- Internal loadable client implementation, winpipe version added.
- Reorganize jack headers. Improve Linux install/remove scripts.
- Use LIB_DIR variable for 64 bits related compilation (drivers  
- More generic Linux script.
- Correct jack_acquire_real_time_scheduling on OSX.
- Merge of Dmitry Baikov MIDI branch.
- Correct JackGraphManager::GetPortsAux to use port type.
- Remove JackEngineTiming class: code moved in JackEngineControl.
- Add midiseq and midisine examples.
- Cleanup old zombification code.
- Linux Makefile now install jack headers.
- Use of JACK_CLIENT_DEBUG environment variable to activate debug  
client mode.
- Definition of JACK_LOCATION variable using -D in the Makefile.
- Restore jack 0.103.0 MIDI API version.
- Fix a bug in freewheel management in async mode: drivers now receive  
the kStartFreewheelCallback and kStopFreewheelCallback notifications.
- Server and user directory related code moved in a JackTools file.
- Client name rewritting to remove path characters (used in fifo  
- Correct ALSA driver Attach method: internal driver may have changed  
the buffer_size and sample_rate values.
- Add JackWinSemaphore class.
- Add an implementation for obsolete jack_internal_client_new and  
- Add missing jack_port_type_size.
- Use of JackWinSemaphore instead of JackWinEvent for inter-process  
- Correct types.h for use with MINGW on Windows.
- Move OSX start/stop notification mechanism in Jackdmp.cpp.
- Correct CheckPort in JackAPI.cpp.

Available at http://www.grame.fr/~letz/jackdmp.html


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