Jackdmp 0.70 package for Linux, OSX (32/64 bits) and Windows

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Jackdmp 0.70 package for Linux, OSX (32/64 bits) and Windows

Stéphane Letz
Version 0.70, has the same API of jackd 0.109.xx version:

- Updated API to match jack 0.109.0 version.
- Update in usx2y.c and JackPort.cpp to match jackd 0.109.2.
- Latest jack_lsp code from jack SVN.
- Add jack_mp_thread_wait client example.
- Add jack_thread_wait client example.
- Remove checking thread in CoreAudio driver, better device state  
change recovery strategy: the driver is stopped and restarted.
- Move transport related methods from JackEngine to JackServer.
- Tim Blechmann sse optimization patch for  
JackaudioPort::MixAudioBuffer, use of Apple Accelerate framework on OSX.
- Remove use of assert in JackFifo, JackMachSemaphore, and  
JackPosixSemaphore: print an error instead.
- Correct "server_connect": close the communication channel.
- More robust external API.
- Use SetAlias for port naming.
- Use jackd midi port naming scheme.
- Notify ports unregistration in JackEngine::ClientCloseAux.
- Fix in JackClient::Error(): when RT thread is failing and calling  
Shutdown, Shutdown was not desactivating the client correctly.

On OSX, version 0.70 is the first version to allows 32 or 64 bits  
compilation. The Xcode project allows to produce 32 bits PPC/Intel or  
32/64 bits PPC/Intel binaries. The OSX bin folder contains pre-
compiled 32 bits and 32/64 versions or all tools: Jack server related  
binaries, JackPilot and JackRouter.

Available at http://www.grame.fr/~letz/jackdmp.html


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