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MIDI timing and freewheel

Hi, I haven't followed discussions about the status of MIDI functionality
in jack, so I have to ask you guys.

I'm using jack,hydrogen,rosegarden,zynaddsubfx,ardour and my problem is
that sometimes the MIDI timing is not very accurate. I can live with that
when I'm composing, but when I want the final 'to-be-published' version, I
don't want any MIDI timing errors.

I just need perfect MIDI <-> sample sync. If MIDI tick has big delay, then
the sample output shouls have the same delay. This means that sample
output should be synced to MIDI clock instead of audio card clock.

Is the freewheeling mode answer here? I know freewheeling can do 'faster
than realtime' but can it also do slower than realtime? I mean, do I have
some time limit in which I must complete the process()? Do I have time to
wait for the MIDI ticks?

I'm not quite sure where the MIDI timing errors come from. If they come
from the source where midi information is produced (rosegarden or alsa
sequencer), then zynaddsubfx should be synced somehow to the midi ticks
and advance it's samples only when it get's these ticks.

Tommi Uimonen

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