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Multiple users sharing one jackd

Benjamin van den Hout
Hi all,

I'm currently using JACK to route audio between two proprietary applications (both are OSS based, I'm using oss2jack to provide fake DSP devices for these applications to use). This setup introduces a bit of latency in the oss2jack part so now I'm looking if I can switch to the ALSA jack plugin (create a jackplug device in .asoundrc and have the ALSA application use that). This seems to work quite well.

The problem however is that in the current setup the jackd and oss2jack processes run as one user (called 'jack'). The two proprietary applications are started a number of times, each pair (application 1 and application 2) under a different user account. Each user account uses a different set of oss2jack /dev/dspXX devices so they don't interfere with eachother.

I still need to keep this setup, but it seems that only jack clients with the same user ID as the server are able to connect. I've looked through the mailing list archives and searched quite extensively on google and it seems that this scenario is not supported. I've looked around the sources and found some lines that check if the JACK_PROMISCUOUS_SERVER variable is set. I enabled this but it didn't seem to make much difference (except that the server name in /dev/shm doesn't contain the UID and the permissions are a bit more relaxed).

My question of course is: how do I get this setup to work? :)

Any help or pointers are greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,
Benjamin van den Hout
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