New usage of JACK: Asterisk

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New usage of JACK: Asterisk

Russell Bryant

I just finished up writing a JACK interface for an application, and figured I'd share since I find it interesting.  :)

I'm a developer of Asterisk ( ).  Asterisk is a phone system implemented in software that runs on POSIX compliant operating systems.  I came across a cool audio analysis/manipulation/generation application that I wanted to use with Asterisk.  The application had JACK support, so that was an obvious choice to accomplish what I wanted to do.

So, I wrote a couple of JACK interfaces for Asterisk that allow access to the audio of phone calls.  There are two interfaces.  One uses JACK as the endpoint of a phone call.  The other provides a "hook" into the audio, so that the audio from a caller can be manipulated by some other application before it gets forwarded on.

I found the JACK API very easy to use, and very much appreciated the great API documentation and examples that came along with it.  Thanks to everyone that has been a part of the development.

In case there is anyone that uses Asterisk and is curious for some more details about how to use these interfaces, I just wrote a blog post that provides some more information (

Russell Bryant

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