[PATCH] D-Bus namespace changes

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[PATCH] D-Bus namespace changes

juuso.alasuutari (Bugzilla)
I whipped up patches to change some of the D-Bus naming we currently have.
(These changes only affect in-development, out-of-tree stuff.) This was
discussed on #lad some days ago by yours truly, nedko, and others.

The attached file contains a replacement for nedko's dbus.patch and a patch
for MarcOChapeau's pyjackctl. The changes are:

Object path:
  /DefaultController -> /org/jackaudio/Controller
Control interface:
  org.jackaudio.JackController -> org.jackaudio.JackControl
Configuration interface:
  org.jackaudio.JackSettings -> org.jackaudio.JackConfigure

@nedko: I didn't touch any datatype or function names, so there may be
inconsistencies in that direction.


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