Problem with upgrade: ...jack-0 already exists, but is not a directory!

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Problem with upgrade: ...jack-0 already exists, but is not a directory!

Mats Ahlgren-2

I was previously using jackd just fine. However upon compiling SVN, I can no longer start the jackd daemon. Errors are as follows:

launching qjackctl as an unprivileged user used to work fine, but now it complains that:

cannot open existing shm registry segment (Permission denied)
no access to shm registry

launching qjackctl as root yields the following error and a crash:

04:50:51.179 jackd -R -dalsa -dhw:0 -r48000 -p1024 -n2
04:50:51.182 JACK was started with PID=23486 (0x5bbe).
jackd 0.107.2
JACK compiled with POSIX SHM support.
/dev/shm/jack-0 already exists, but is not a directory!
cannot create server sockets
cannot create engine
04:50:51.197 JACK was stopped successfully.
04:50:51.197 Post-shutdown script...
04:50:51.197 killall jackd

I notice there is no "jack-0" direcotry in my tmpfs (/dev/shm), nor is there a file with that name.
(I also temporarily tried putting a directory with that name in the tmpfs, but it failed.)

There used to exist a jack-1000 directory, but it doesn't exist any longer.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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