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Stéphane Letz

Le 29 mars 08 à 08:45, Marc-Olivier Barre a écrit :

> On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 9:01 PM, Robin Gareus <[hidden email]>  
> wrote:
>>  Hash: SHA1
>>  Hello Jacks,
>>  let me jack ahhm, jump right in:
>>> jack_midi + netjack
>>  yet another yes please ;)
> It's coming, really it's coming, I promess.... ;-)
>>  OT: does anyone run ghostess over netjack and a MiDi cable? -  
>> does the
>>  Latency comensation work in such a setup? - I dare say this will  
>> not be
>>  a problem with netjack + jack_midi_net, will it?!
> There's no reason why it should
>>  Are the 'alsa_out' and 'alsa_in'netjack tools going to become  
>> part of
>>  the jack-tools package? They're not mentioned on
> Yes, I noticed they where not here, and I intend to have them.  
> they're cool.
>>  While it's clearly more important to get the netjack driver and
>>  jacknet_client integrated, 'alsa_in' and 'alsa_out' are quite handy
>>  utils and they should get fixed or be replaced/obsoleted by jack-2:
> In jack 2 I'd like the control interface to have some forms of calls
> to not only launch a n inprocess client, but also to configure it.
>>  Will jack-2.0 with multiple back-ends provide for resampling
>>  and support non-word-clocked secondary backend(s)?
> /me lets ppalmers fill in... :-p
>>  some issues with current alsa_in/out are
>>  * lack of default values, config-file or auto-detection.
>>  * alloca(3) in the jack_process callback.
>>  * only 16 bit signed int device support
>>  * sloppy conversion to int16 = (float)resampbuf[i] * 32767;
>>   it should be: [32768 - 32767]
>>  The first issue may clash with the "Keep it as simple as it is right
>>  now" clause.. The lattter two could be fixed by re-useing the  
>> memops.c
>>  from the alsa backend. But why then not wrap the alsa backend in the
>>  first place ..?!
> Remember that most of the core code will stay as-is in jack 1.

We are in the process of porting the current NetJack codebase in  
jackdmp (= jack2 in the future) so that people can use either system  
with the same features.

> There
> is a GSoC idea for netjack in jack 2. and most of those ideas seem
> appliable only in jack2.
> Anyways, let's get some breakfast first of all :-D

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