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Re: jackmidiio bug fix

Lars Luthman
2005-06-13 04:33:25 GMT, ian esten wrote:
> hello
> here is a small but important fix to the i/o client. this fixes the
> problem sean bolton reported, with the data bytes of the message being
> scrambled.
> the version of jackmidiio with support for the alsa sequencer is shaping
> up ok after hitting a snag, and will hopefully be sent out this week.
> after that is out i will get to work on adding user defined midi buffer
> sizes.
> ian

Any news on this? A program that tied ALSA sequencer ports to JACK MIDI
ports would be really useful. I'm working on some MIDI software that
only uses JACK for MIDI, and it would be great to be able to test it with
ALSA sequencer clients (at the moment I'm using DSSI plugins in the
version of ghostess patched for JACK MIDI).

Lars Luthman
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