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Rohan Drape
Sorry for very slow reply.

On Sat, 16 Apr 2005 Jack O'Quin <[hidden email]> wrote:

> > jack_port_register
> > jack_port_name
> > jack_port_short_name
> > jack_port_connected_to
> > jack_port_get_connections
> > jack_port_get_all_connections
> > jack_port_set_name
> > jack_port_request_monitor_by_name
> > jack_connect
> > jack_disconnect
> > jack_get_ports
> > jack_port_by_name

> Which of these would require changes to allow overloading of input and
> output port names?  

> Could those changes be backwards compatible with existing interfaces?
> If so, clients could migrate to this scheme gradually, without
> breaking everything at once.

Well, most obviously 'jack_port_by_name' implies that a name uniquely
identifies a port.  The semantics could be changed to allow that not
to be the case, but such changes would break reasonable current uses.


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