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Jack O'Quin
On 6/8/06, Jack O'Quin <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Has anyone tried "make distcheck" lately?
> It fails badly for me.  Looks like those massive config changes are
> only half done...
>   * There are a bunch of old files still lying around.  I have
>      not figured out yet which of them (if any) are still used.
>   * The tarball ends up trying to package a bunch of .svn files,
>      causing tar to complain about names that are too long.
>   * Our use of $(top_builddir) and $(top_srcdir) is no longer valid
>      (in $JACK_CORE_CFLAGS for example)

Applied this fix [0.102.16], r977.

That allows "make dist" to create a tarball, but it still seems mangled
somehow.  The "make distcheck" issues warnings, but completes.
So, this is only a partial solution to the deeper problem.


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