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SVN commit: [0.102.15] rev.976

Rui Nuno Capela
[0.102.15] jack.spec: enable freebob backend drivers whenever available.

I've just rebuilt my own JACK packages with freebob enabled, even though
I don't have the need for it ;) just in case, here's some of the RPMs
needed for OpenSUSE 10.1 OSS:

worth noting you may find there available all upgrades due:

    libraw1394  1.2.1
    libiec61883 1.1.0 (.svn20060118)
    libavc1394  0.5.3
    libfreebob  1.0.0 (.svn20060118)

and then finally:

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela
[hidden email]

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