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Hi folks!

Newbie on the the list!  I'm coming from a Windows/Cubase SX2 environment
running on a dual Athlon Tyan 2462 Motherboard with (2) Delta 1010's

I anticipate installing Slackware 10.1 on this box since I already have 2
slackware boxes up and running as WebServers so these do not have any audio
capabilities at all.

I'm trying to make a check list for myself for a smooth transition (if there
is such a thing).
I understand that in order for me to accomplish the migration from Win to
Linux of my DAW I would have to:
   - 2.4xx Kernel up and running with the low-latency patch or the 2.6
Kernel installed.
   - compile Jack and run!
   - install Ardour

Would like to find out if anybody has a similar setup of having (2)
Delta-1010's running on a Slackware Box or other to find out how involve it
would for my transition, if so, please send me an E-mail.  I would
appreciate some guidance.

My new setup would be using Ardour.


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