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alsa_driver BE/LE formats

        i'm using jack on my ibook with an imic usb interface.  the alsa
driver attempts to open the device using the SND_PCM_FORMAT_S??
constants.  the problem is that, it seems, the imic only outputs LE
(or at least that's the only way i can open it), but
SND_PCM_FORMAT_S16 uses the cpu endianness (i assume) so trying to
open it this way fails.
        if i add SND_PCM_FORMAT_S16_LE to the list of formats, jack will
startup and open the interface, and the simple_client runs ok.  of
course if you try to do any processing on the data, it's in the wrong
        the question then is, is byteswapping within the purview of jack's
alsa_driver or is this a matter to be dealt with in the alsa ?  (i
could byte swap in the jack client (turning the float back to the
short, byteswap, then back to float), but that seems excessively


Robert Melby
uucp:  ...!{decvax,hplabs,ncar,purdue,rutgers}!org!arcsin!rm

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