[ann] udpsync 0.41, now with duplex

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[ann] udpsync 0.41, now with duplex

rj (Bugzilla)

I took it on me to try and get duplex to work with the udpsync, here's the

Basically this allows for using a second machine as an outboard effect unit
(though with a one-buffer delay with the current implementation), my testcase
has been to run jack_convolve on the slave machine, with great success.

It works pretty good with a buffer size of 512, if I go lower than that I tend
to get frequent lockups/crashes on the slave side, especially while creating
the local connections on the slave side (using jack_connect). Probably
something I haven't understood about the inner workings of jack.

Still it's alpha quality and there's lots missing in the robustness
department, but it works for me :)

duplex works
two channels (stereo)
minor stuff



udpsync-0.41.tar.gz (59K) Download Attachment