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cvs-commit; TODO and README.developers

Kai Vehmanen
Hello everyone,

I've committed some small updates to these text files. Some notes about
the changes:

- note about copyright statements: contributors should
   not only update AUTHORS, but also add their names to the
   copyright statements in individual source files
- paul and joq are now both mentioned as "official"
   reviewers for patches sent to jackit-devel
- added note concerning use of non-{POSIX,ANSI-C}
   interfaces: ""if use of other interfaces is
   absolutely needed, it should be made optional in the
   build process (via a configure switch for example).""
- formatted with restructured text :)

These files haven't been updated much during the last few years, so I'm
sure there are also other things that need updating. One important item is
our 1.0 roadmap -- the TODO file obviously is not up to date wrt 1.0

  links, my public keys, etc at

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