how to compensate for early buffering

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how to compensate for early buffering

Steve Schow
I have been trying to use JackOSX to send some audio from Logic Pro X to another program for processing, and back again.  One issue I'm running into is that LPX seems to buffer the audio into JackOSX ahead of schedule, with the intention that by the time it hits the sound card, it will audibly sound in sync with everything else.  When used as a loopback, this results in audio being sent for processing to another program early..and if that other program does not impose enough latency of its own, the audio comes back early.

In a simple audio loopback test, without any other external program processing the audio, its always early...due to the way LPX queues up the audio data head of time and jack just passes it along as if it doesn't know that data has been pre-buffered that way.

I get the same problem when using DP.

Is there any way to configure JackOSX so that it will be aware when audio has been buffered ahead of time and if its not going to the soundcard, then delay the audio the appropriate amount so that it will be in proper sync?

Or am I misunderstanding the issue?  It makes JackOSX very difficult to use as an external FX processor with an external program from LPX or DP..