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jack client and fork

Michel Bardiaux-2
Background: I wish to use jackd with the dummy driver as a relay from
vlc (which has a jack output plugin) to a hardware-oriented TV capture
program (by hardware-oriented I mean it has been engineered to the teeth
for real TV and audio cards). My capture app is multithreaded in some
sense, but actually uses fork and shared memory (because it dates back
to 1995 on SGI! A case of 'dont fix it unless its broken even if its
completely mummified'.)

I take it from the doc that the jack client library will at some point
create a thread (a pthread!) that listens to jackd and calls the
callback. Hence I suppose I must call jack_client_new not from the
initialization code in my main process, but in the forked process that
will have the memory in which libjack must run (which, unsurprisingly,
is my 'audio process'). Correct? Or maybe the thread is only created by

(And yes, I know, I should be able to answer all my questions by reading
the doc, the source, and the web; but its kind of an emergency: I have
to deide ASAP what of the umpteen sound architectures available, oss,
alsa, nas, jack, ..., I will use! I *am* looking, but I am the point
where a little help can save me a lot of time)

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