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Stéphane Letz
I was expecting that solving the jack_port_tie issue would be easy,  
but it appears to be more difficult. Basically the "tied" state is  
kept on the jack port *local* structure. When a connection is done  
between 2 ports, a new jack port *local* structure is created on  
bother side of the connection (that is in the port list of the 2  
clients affected by the connection) In some sense the tied state is  
not correctly propagated thus the path followed when computing  
buffers in jack_port_get_buffer does not see the "tied" link at all.  
I was thinking moving the tied flag in the shared part of the port  
would be the solution, but it causes some other deep problems.
Basically the fact port state are somewhat shared and somewhat local  
makes implementing  jack_port_tie difficult...

Does anybody has a bright idea to implement this?

PS: should I say that jack_port_tie directly works in jackdmp version  
because the port structure and connections are all in shared memory  
and thus always visible by all clients?  (-:

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