jackd+darkice on MacOSX/Panther *almost* works!

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jackd+darkice on MacOSX/Panther *almost* works!



We are *so* close to hooking-up jackd and darkice to our Shoutcast
and Icecast servers, instead of having to use $pay$ software.  ;)  
But I am at the point of needing help from the community out there,

First some background:

(1)  MacOSX Tiger is having more difficulty which is o.t. from this
list.  Suffice to say we must stay on Panther 10.3.9 for the time
being to be stable at all.

(2)  We must use jackd (0.100.6), portaudio (v19 snapshot), and
darkice (0.16b) -- all from CVS.  Jackd will then work with M-Audio
PCI cards and their latest drivers for Panther, and then darkice
will work with that version of jackd etc.

(3)  Our setups with Icecast, Shoutcast, PeerCast, and P2P-Radio
have been working very well for many months, so I feel our config
files are very solid.

(4)  During non-live broadcasts (e.g. replays), EZStream-0.5 works
very well on MacOSX as a straight mp3-feeder (same bitrate / no
conversion) and also as a transcoder (ALAC->mp3), so again I feel
our config files are very solid.

(5)  We had been using LAME 3.97b and 3.98a2 from CVS with very
good results.  (btw we can't use vorbis/ogg until Shoutcast &
iTunes etc. all decide to support it :( )

(6)  Icecast 2.3.0 went final late last week.  We've been using
230rc1 and rc3 for the past few weeks with good results.

(7)  There is a 1.9.6b of Shoutcast for MacOSX due to an IP port-
number value bug: when > 32767 it goes negative.  Oh of course
Shoutcast is not open-source.  The reason we use high port-numbers
is to get around any possible ISP blocks.  We also adjust network
sysctl port ranges suitably so that well-behaved apps will steer
around them.  We've been using this setup for many months, too, so
again I feel our config files are very solid.

(8)  I don't care about latency, buffers, etc.  All we need to do
is make it work.  btw We have 2GB of real RAM if we need to
increase anything.  ;)

Our main objective now is to get rid of having to pay for NiceCast
and its ilk.  EZStream can take its place for recorded replays, but
we don't have anything else to handle 'live' feeds straight from
the M-Audio card.  MacOSX does not give us anything like /dev/dsp
or /dev/audio devices, so we must use CoreAudio-based code.

If there was a port of 'arecord' from alsa-utils that works on
MacOSX, we could plug it into EZStream.  Or if portaudio.com or
jackit.com has a similar utility, could someone point me to it
please? -- it needs to copy from the audio card to stdout as
PCM/aiff/raw/wav, then we can make EZStream pass it to LAME's stdin
pipe no problem.

Otherwise, darkice+jackd is our only choice so far as I can see.  
But we cannot get them to stay together for more than a
millisecond.  I am attaching two sets of logs to show what is going
on -- one is our Icecast log/setup, and the next is our Shoutcast

Please remember NiceCast _can_ pass live mp3'ized audio from our M-
Audio card to the Icecast/Shoutcast servers just fine -- we've been
doing it this way for months.  I'd really like a free / open
solution to take its place, tho, please.

I am quite determined to move our Christian Electronica netcasts to
100% free / open software if we can find some way to make this
work, please, but as these logs show, I am quite stumped right now.

Thank you for any help at all.

icecast230_almost_works.log (15K) Download Attachment
shoutcast_almost_works.log (13K) Download Attachment