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Lars Luthman
Here's a small program that copies MIDI events from a JACK MIDI port and
sends them to an ALSA sequencer port. It is pretty rough, for example it
doesn't care about the timestamp of the incoming events, but it gets the
events through. It uses LASH 0.5 (http://www.nongnu.org/lash/ , works
with the version in today's CVS) so it can be saved and restored as part
of a session, but that can be turned off if you compile it with

Part of the code is based on Sean Bolton's alsaseq2jackmidi.

Lars Luthman
PGP key:     http://www.d.kth.se/~d00-llu/pgp_key.php
Fingerprint: FCA7 C790 19B9 322D EB7A  E1B3 4371 4650 04C7 7E2E

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