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netjack ubuntu/debian

I have been trying to use ubuntustudio with netjack and multiple clients.  I have an x86 master and tried raspberry pi rev2, banana pro, orange pi +, and odroid-c1.

I have had very good luck with these except the raspberry.  I was using ubuntu distros for everything but since there was not an offical release of ubuntu for the raspberry, i used debian.  I could not make connections between the raspberry and the server.  I finally tried 2 raspberries, 1 as master, 1 as client and that worked.  I then tried a non-official ubuntu distro on the raspberry and that worked with all the systems except the rasbperry with debian.

I don't have any other debian systems to try this with, but it is clear there is a compatiblity issue between ubuntu and debian (at least debian for raspberry).

Has anyone tried mixing netjack with ubuntu and debian on any other platforms?  I am curious if the problem debian, or just debian for raspberry.