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Re: jack2 1.9.11 release 1 reply Jackit
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[Jack-Devel] jack2 1.9.11 release 5 replies Jackit
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Re: Client-Server models are just fine. Please? 24 replies Jackit
Re: libjack vs server [ was Re: stepping down 1 reply Jackit
[Jack-Devel] [jackaudio/headers] 5a910a: add missing `void` from jack_get_time prototype 0 replies Jackit
Re: Calling jack_cycle_wait/jack_cycle_signal from a "third party" thread. 1 reply Jackit
Re: New build of QJackCtl for Windows 4 replies Jackit
Re: JackOSX download message… 0 replies Jackit
[Jack-Devel] JackOSX download message… 2 replies Jackit
Re: 64 bit jack applications compiled with mingw crashes 3 replies Jackit
Re: jack on OSX 3 replies Jackit
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[Jack-Devel] Message to Fons (which mail seems to be currently broken ?) 0 replies Jackit
Re: Major update of jack2 build system 2 replies Jackit
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